Gower Furniture Ltd is one of the UK’s largest and most successful kitchen and bathroom furniture manufacturers. Gower is part of the Nobia Group, a public company quoted on the Swedish Stock Exchange. The company employs circa 350 staff over four locations in West Yorkshire, with manufacturing facilities at Halifax and Morley.


As well as striving towards the principles of sustainable development and adoption of environmental best practice, it is our policy to:

  • manage our activities in such a way as to reduce their environmental impact to a practicable minimum
  • continually improve environmental performance by setting clear environmental objectives and regularly monitoring progress against them
  • comply fully with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practise
  • prevent the pollution of air, ground and water

In order to regulate and manage environmental performance, an environmental management system meeting the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001:2015 is in operation, audited and approved by the British Standards Institute (BSI). In addition, full membership of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP).

Gower Furniture will:

  • actively source timber from certified, well managed suppliers, and carry out regular appraisals of suppliers to ensure full traceability of products to source
  • increase the number of ranges covered by our current Chain of Custody certification scheme
  • aim for maximum process efficiency so as to minimise consumption of raw materials and energy, and minimise the quantity of process waste generated
  • conserve and protect the environment by operating in a socially responsible manner according to the highest standards of environmental management available and the application of strict quality assurance disciplines
  • carry out regular environmental audits, both to ensure effective implementation of this policy and reduce the risk of any operational failures that may lead to adverse environmental impacts
  • apply the principles of the waste hierarchy to minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill
  • increase the environmental awareness and knowledge of all within the organisation through training and discussion
  • provide public access on request to information on the company’s environmental performance

This policy is displayed at all Gower Furniture sites, and communicated to all employees on induction. It is also publicly available via the company’s website, or as hard copy on demand by any interested party.